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All of our products are professionally machined in house with our equipment.

They are all tough and built for the long haul.
We provide all our customers with the option to engrave the products they order for just $1 per item! Personalize and customize your entire order with no limitations! Let us put your company name, company logo, or even special artwork on our products!
Have an idea for a logo or art piece but have no way of making it happen? Not a problem. We have an in-staff concept artist that will create your ideas for free! Feeling extra creative? Do you have an idea for your own style of Super Can, Super Pipe, or Specialty Item? Email us and tell us about your idea! You just might be able to see it come to life!

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Office hours are 8:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. Mountain Daylight time.
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Dwayne Davis Owner/Production Manager
Phone: (505)-330-6459
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